Value Engineering

We offer expert value engineering and cost management services to help customers achieve a best value HVAC system.  A key differentiator of ours is that we approach each project viewed through a lens combining 20 years of experience in design engineering, HVAC manufacturing and contract installation.   

HVAC Installation

Our success comes through leveraging advanced technology paired with strong, open  communication.  We pride ourselves in being experts in the planning and installation of  HVAC systems.

BIM Modeling

Our staff has over 25 years experience in CAD and BIM modeling.  Our deep and vast experience in the BIM field helps us identify and execute our BIM scope expeditiously and in a most cost sensible manner.


Resolve Air Systems was founded so that we could offer the building design and construction industry exceptional HVAC  contracting through combining our unique blend of field installation, manufacturing and design engineering backgrounds.  Having deep insight across all three of these industry facets helps us diplomatically deliver the most cost sensible, well executed HVAC system possible.




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For any bid inquiries or questions, please call:

Shane Stille, PE

General Manager


Head Office

Resolve Air Systems, LLC

10137 Division Drive

Raleigh, NC27603 

Tel: 757-672-2976


To apply for a position with Resolve Air Systems, please send a resume/list of experience to:

Get a quote: 757-672-2976

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